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Desk Type Amplifiers With MP3/USB/SD

* Power output: Rated:100W max:140W Rated:150W max:210W
 * Output regulation:Less than 2dB no load to full load
 * OutputsSpeaker output 100W DVD series:4Ω(20V) 8Ω(28.3V) 16Ω(40V) 25V 70V 100V line out:1V±0.3V
 Speaker output 100W DVD series:4Ω(24.5V) 8Ω(34.7V) 16Ω(49V) 25V 70V 100V line out:1V±0.3V
 * Frequency Response:50-15000Hz
 * Total harmonic distortion:Less than 1% at 1KHz,rated power
 * Signal to noise radio(Tone control centered) All volume controls C.C.W:AUX:80dB below rated power
 Microphone:80dB below rated power
 * Tone controls BASS:±10dB at 100Hz TREBLE:±10dB at 10KHz
 * Input AUX:20K Ohms,-18±2dB MIC1-3:600ohms,-54±3dB(unbanced)
 * Controls:MIC1-3 volume control DVD/AUX volume control Tone controls(BASS,TREBLE) MASTER volume control VOLUME SELECTOR
 * Indicator:Power indicator(LED) LED output level Meter
 * AC power supply 110-127/220-240 AC 50/60Hz*
 * AC power consumption:220 WATTS at rated output 380 WATTS at rated output
 * Dimensions:  450mm(W)× 100mm(H) × 335mm(D)
 * Weight:10.97Kg 12.35Kg
 * Color Black
 * Caution:The AC selector changed only by manufacturer.
* Control:7 volume control,master volume,with MP3,USB,SD Post office:

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